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How a leading tech giant for creative professionals measures UX

The Senior Program Manager of Product Operations at a leading tech company for creative professionals came to us with a problem. She wanted to find a better way to measure UX.

For example, their product has wide adoption and the brand generates positive sentiment. As a result, NPS scores are high, even though customers are failing at using the product to complete their desired task.

Metrics such as NPS surveys and website analytics aren’t meaningful measures of UX. NPS is an attitudinal measure of loyalty and doesn’t incorporate how users actually behave (i.e. Does the product actually work in the desired way? Were users able to accomplish what they set out to do?). To reveal actionable insight that ultimately helps you build a better product, you also need to look at behavioral data.

It was clear a more robust UX measurement program needed to be built, one that encompasses a more complete view of the user experience.


How Kimberly-Clark measures UX and demonstrates business outcomes

By partnering with us, Kimberly-Clark’s Professional division developed a framework for measuring UX on its B2B website that aligned to strategic business outcomes.


How the Tote improved customer retention while decreasing rework and acquisition costs

Using our platform, UX designers at the gambling platform make business-critical decisions that avoid costly mistakes and rapidly launch customer-tested products