Our Hiring Process

This overview will help you understand the VIA Consulting Solutions hiring process, from the time you submit your application to the selection of the most qualified candidate.


  1. Search our current list of openings and select the job opportunity that you feel you are best suited for by clicking on the link ‘Apply for this job online.
  2. Complete the Candidate Profile page. You may also upload your resume and cover letter.
  3. An email is sent to you acknowledging the receipt of your online application.
  4. The Recruiter reviews all applications and identifies the ones that best meet the criteria for the job.
  5. A pre-employment questionnaire* will sent to ask additional questions if needed.
  6. A phone pre-screening interview* is conducted for most jobs and may result in face-to-face video call interviews* with hiring managers. Most of our candidates are scheduled for multiple interviews. We keep our candidates informed of their interview status. We utilize various types of interviews, such as:
    • Informational Interview
    • Screening or Telephone Interview
    • Individual Interview
    • Small Group or Committee Interview
    • Behavioral-Based Interview
    • Task Oriented or Testing Interview
    • Stress Interview
  7. Candidates who successfully pass interviews and best meet the job requirements begin our pre-employment process which includes a criminal background check* and reference checks*. Offers of employment for some positions are contingent upon successfully passing pre-employment testing*.
  8. If you are successful in all previous steps, your will receive an offer for employment. Your initial offer will come in the form of a verbal and/or written contingent offer of employment.
  9. Once an offer is made and accepted, either your manager or a member of our recruiting team will convey further details to you including your start date, benefits details, new hire orientation and training dates and any other relevant onboarding information.

If you have any questions about the application and hiring process, please email us at positions@viaconsultingsolutions.com


Important Notes:

  1. Pre-employment questionnaire – A simply series of questions asked to candidates to further qualify their skills and experience.
  2. Phone Pre-Screening Interview – This a quick 30min call with the recruiter to get to know the candidate to explain the position and go over their resume. During this call, the candidate will have the opportunity to ask any preliminary questions.
  3. Face-to-Face Video Interview – This video call is with the actual hiring manager for any particular position. This call is held via an online video conferencing software. The candidate will be responsible for scheduling and logging in to the appropriate software when appropriate.
  4. Background check – We do perform background checks on each candidate that has successfully passed the interview stage. Our background check can include, but is not limited to, a candidate’s work history, education, criminal record, and use of social media. However, please be advised, while we perform a comprehensive background check, we do not disqualify simply based on these results. We are open to discussing any items identified in a candidates’ background history. Please do not be discouraged if you have negative items on your background history, we look at the total individual and based our hiring decisions accordingly.
  5. References check – Please be prepared to provide previous work history references that can verify your experience.
  6. Pre-employment skills testing – Candidates who are successful will be required to take a skills test assessing their customer service skills (i.e. dealing with difficult customers…). In addition, a voice skills test will be required. During this voice skills test we are looking for normal everyday professional voice skills using proper enunciation and diction. Voice skills tests will be done remotely by calling a telephone number where you will read a scripted message to be recorded.