Production Website/App Tester

What Is A Remote Quality Assurance Website Testing Associate?

Our remote quality assurance jobs allow you to work from home to review a product and help identify any defects or bugs. While this may include smoothing out any production issues before the launch of a product, most remote quality assurance jobs focus on helping to test software or websites instead of physical goods. Your duties may include testing a purchasing or billing process, using tools and metrics to measure software performance, or interpreting requirements to ensure that any changes made meet expectations. Quality assurance tests are usually designed to consider the intended specifications of the product, so the ability to learn new tools and techniques quickly is essential to success in these roles.

 If you are driven by a challenge and never want to be bored in your role, join our team!

What Will You Be Doing?

  • Develop, implement, execute, and maintain QA testing processes and strategies.
  • Define test plans based on user stories, technical design, and implementation.
  • Establish testing timelines and scope.
  • Recreate product environments, report testing results, and recommend changes.
  • Create and execute test cases; organize the creation and execution of test scripts for multiple products.

Skills, Knowledge, & Expertise Needed to do the Job:

  • 1+ years of work experience
  • Complete Home office
  • Multi-tasker, self-motivated, high energy

Why Us?

  • Be part of a supportive and collaborative team!
  • Being embedded in development, you’ll be challenged and respected in your role.

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