Trial Assignment (mdb)

The client is:

For this trial assignment you will be required to visit client’s TikTok page and evaluate, like, follow & share link to evaluate their social media response process. (The trial assignment can be performed from your cell phone Android/or Apple iPhone. You must have or sign-up for a free TikTok account.)



Trial Assignment Instructions:

1.) You will visit the client Tiktok site.


2.) Once on the page, first click the “Follow” button (remember you must have already downloaded the app & signed-up for free account). Then tap on the first video and watch the entire video (less than 30secs).


3.) You can also click the “+” sign shown here to “Follow”.


4.) Click the “heart” icon on the right to “Like” the video


5.) Now click the “Comment” icon and leave a comment. (For example: I am interested. Tell me more…)


6.) Finally, we want to click the “Share” icon and send a link via SMS (text)

7.) Send the provided link to the following text number:   601-586-7173

8.) Once you send the text, you will receive a reply message with a verification code. Remember this code, it will be important to submit the code in your feedback questionnaire.

To watch a short video of these instructions, CLICK HERE.

9.) Remember you must complete all steps in the registration process and receive the verification code via text (SMS) message.

8.) After completing the task, you will be required to complete a feedback questionnaire describing your user experience and overall opinions of the website navigation and registration process.

9.) If you have any questions or technical problems while completing this trial assignment, please feel free to reach out support.


Note: Please remember this is a trial assignment for an actual “live” app for one of our clients that we provide services to in order to evaluate their app and their related business processes. If an employee of the company calls you, tell them you would like the product/service/trial. In the rare chance the representative asks where you heard about this assignment, you may only tell them via a Google search or social media. This prevents the employee of the company from knowing they are being reviewed and skewing results.