Trial Assignment

We have accepted your application based on our initial assessment and would like to invite you to complete a trial assignment.

The purpose of this trial assignment is to test your cognitive abilities, knowledge, work skills,, personality, emotional intelligence, language proficiency, and even integrity. We use this trial assignment to find the candidates most likely to succeed in the open positions.

Your trial assignment will require you to check out the usability of an app or a website.

This trial assignment will consist of completing a series of tasks and instructions, while interacting with prototype or production web sites or mobile apps, or viewing video commercials, or other digital user interfaces, while speaking out loud your thoughts, emotions, criticisms, and suggestions and while answering questions.

Examples of past trial assignment tasks include:

  • Register for an account on a client site, log in, fill in your profile and add a friend.
  • Pretend you are looking for a pair of jeans, search for jeans, look through the results and proceed to checkout, but stop before the order is confirmed.
  • Look around ABC site, wherever your interests take you and give us feedback on the look and feel, concept and overall layout.
  • Compare a home page to a competitor’s (or industry leader’s) home page and tell us what we do better or worse than them and which site you’d choose to visit and why.
  • Compare the purchasing/checkout function of two sites.
  • Conduct a search for an item/site.
  • React to a series of advertisements, video or static images.
  • Answer a series of questions.

You may be asked your opinion on things such as:

  • Site navigation
  • Overall concept
  • Ease of use and intuitiveness
  • Design, video, colors, layout
  • Specific processes such as check out, log in, registration, search, utilities, etc.
  • If you would use the site or recommend it to a friend
  • If you remember a certain image or concept, or what you think it meant




Note: Please remember this is a trial assignment for an actual “live” app for one of our clients that we provide services to in order to evaluate their app and their related business processes. If an employee of the company calls you, tell them you would like the product/service/trial. In the rare chance the representative asks where you heard about this assignment, you may only tell them via a Google search or social media. This prevents the employee of the company from knowing they are being reviewed and skewing results.